About me

Hi, I am Jasper Nikki De La Cruz. I was formerly the webmaster of PSPMinis.com and the Editor of ScienceTimes.com. I was also a contributing writer for the revived and rebranded Xfire. This gaming blog serves as my portfolio for my past work, as well as my latest takes on the video game industry particularly PC and retro gaming.

Why Pislit?

Pislit is a Cebuano word that means press–the verb, not the noun–in English. People press buttons in playing video games hence the domain name. I am just adding some exotic flavors in my coverage of video games. Although, I make sure that whatever I write here still has universal appeal so as not to alienate my prospective clients or any headhunters out there looking for excellent writers.

Pislit.com was actually first launched in 2013 but I lost this domain name in 2016 when my domain registrar failed to secure my renewal. I had to wait until 2021 for that domain-name-squatting company to finally give up on their modus operandi. So, here it is. Pislit.com is back.

Gamer Cred

The glaring problem with mainstream “video game journalism” is that those who write about video games are mostly terrible at playing them. Below are my gamer cred that will cement my reputation as someone who is amazing at writing about video games, but more importantly, in playing them.

My DOTA 2 MMR is over 5,000. While this is nowhere near the ranks of pro players, I belong to the 95+ percentile.
XCOM is a franchise known for being frustratingly difficult. Finishing an Ironman run in Legend difficulty is no easy feat.

I played the initial release of Dark Souls on PC. Modding the game to play sans GFWL, among other enhancements, was far more challenging than the beating the game. (Read my opinion on piracy)