Busy Sweets Factory (PlayStation Minis) – Wrapping Up Sony’s Worst Efforts

Sony has obviously never heard the old saying ‘Quality over Quantity’ as they realize mediocre to poor games week after week. So without further a due here are Sony’s latest minis installments.

Busy Sweets Factory is another two-player game where you and a friend take control of two aspiring bakers where you both have to place toppings on cakes and other desserts that make their way down on one of five conveyor belts. After three rounds you are rated on your performance. After about thirty seconds into each round, you get given a warning before the conveyor belts speed up and multiple toppings make their way down. You occasionally get the odd toy robot that somehow made its way onto the conveyor belts and if decorated by mistake you will be unable to do anything for a few seconds.

Now unfortunately if you do not have anyone to play the game with, you will most likely find that it is near impossible to get a half-decent grade at the end of the three rounds as the desserts make their way down the way too fast after the warning is given. Fortunately though no matter how badly you do in each round there is no game over, whether you want to play the full three rounds is an entirely different matter. Even when playing with a partner the game is a little easier but in all honesty, it just isn’t really all that much fun. Between frantically trying to top every dessert and avoiding toy robots while sharing a PSP you can very quickly become frustrated and feed up, somehow Busy Sweets Factory just doesn’t seem worth the money.

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