Championship Manager 2010 (PlayStation Minis) Review – Hat-trick or Own goal

Ever wondered what it would be like to manage your own football team? Ever wished you could decide who your favorite team brought or sold? Well now’s your chance. Yes, Square Enix’s Championship Manager 2010 (CM2010) is here and it’s all that we’ve been promised.

Now, with most football management games, they either live or die by their user interface. They’re either so complex you get lost amongst the menus, sub-menus, and stats forever pushing buttons trying to get somewhere but not actually getting there. Or a simple straightforward menu system. Fortunately, the championship manager is the latter. So whether you’re a veteran of management sim’s or a first-time manager anyone can simply pick up and play.

The second most important aspect of a game like CM2010 in my opinion is player and club stats. And with a size of only 11MB Championship Manager is chocked full of statistics, from players and teams all over Europe which is frankly amazing.

But unfortunately there are a few minor let downs. Even though it contains all the latest stats and players it will all be out of date in only a few months, which leaves me wondering should Square Enix have waited until August or September and released a 2011 version.

And as with most football management games on the PSP, this also lacks any sort of sound. There is no music in the menu screens which is where you spend most of your time in the game, but worst of all there is no in match sound effects no crowds cheering and chanting no sounds of a football being kicked around nothing which is a shame.

Sure it does suffer from the occasional slow down when switching between screens, which does slow the pace down but management games are not generally fast pace games anyway. And even with all the correct stats and info, they have not included the team’s correct badges. But all in all, I’m just knit-picking as none of this really affects the gameplay in any way.

I enjoyed the press conferences and the effect you can have on your fans, players, media and even the board of directors with the way you answer the medias questions. Which in turn affects how you manage your team, how well your team play and how much support you get from fans.

And there is so much more you can do, from changing your players’ training regime to buying and selling players, you can even praise or publicly criticize players on your own team or any other. And for only 11MB of space and a £4.99 price tag you really can’t go wrong.

Championship Manager 2010 is a must-have for any football management fan out there and if you have ever been intrigued by these sorts of games this is the game for you to try out. And other than a few very minor setbacks it’s an amazing game definitely worth it.

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