Cubixx (PlayStation Minis) Review—Fun Squared

Cubixx is basically a futuristic version of the eighties arcade hit Qix, which was reinvented so well as a mini with Fortix. The object of the game is simply to cut away the required percentage of cube surface and advance to the next level, scoring as many points as possible as you go.

You use the analog stick, the directional buttons or the X, O, Triangle and Square buttons to move your fuse along the white lines of the cube, and hold L or R to cut chunks out of the cube surface, all the while avoiding enemies and your own trail. The longer the lines you cut, the more points you earn. Continuing lines across multiple cube faces enables you to rack up big combo scores.

At the start of the game you have a target of 50% of the cube to carve up. Eventually the percentage starts going up as you make progress through the 20 levels. You can feel the pressure increasing as the enemy shapes pursue you more aggressively and you feel more and more compelled to take risks.

In the beginning the enemy shapes are quite slow and tend to stay in the same area. By Stage 2, they will start chasing you on the white lines as well as across the cube surface.

The gameplay is very old-school in that you get a certain number of lives, represented by tiny cubes at the top of the screen, and once you use them all up, that’s it, Game Over! You can, however, earn back more lives the more points you score.

As with Qix and Fortix, how you approach playing the game is all up to you. Are you the sort that voraciously speeds around the cube, chopping off huge chunks and stringing together combos across multiple cube faces? Or do you err more on the side of caution, preferring to nibble off little bits here and there and focus more on avoiding enemies?

As far as the overall presentation goes, I really love the shiny futuristic feel of the game, especially the flaming molten interior of the cube, the fizzle of the trail as it crackles along behind you, and the thumping techno music in the background. It also looks and sounds really good on the PS3.

My main reservation about Cubixx would be that there’s only one gameplay mode and precious little else in terms of extras. It really is pure gameplay and nothing else. Happily, the core gameplay is so addictive that this isn’t a huge problem.

Essentially Cubixx is the epitome of a ‘what you see is what you get’ game. Pure gameplay all the way, with zero in terms of embellishments. Although I would have loved to see some different gameplay modes, and maybe different cubes and backgrounds, I can definitely see Cubixx being a game I’ll still be picking up and playing months from now.

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