Digi-Tiles (PlayStation Minis) Review – Best of A Bad Bunch

Digi-Tiles is a numbers game where your task is to mix number panels with calculation panels to create an equation that equals 0. In Challenge Mode (there are 99 levels in all), you have only a certain number of panels to create your equation with, and in Endless Mode, you play until you can’t complete another formula.

You earn more points for using panels with larger numbers or using lots of different types of calculations, essentially the more complicated the better. Don’t take too long figuring out your next move though or the timer at the bottom of the screen will run out. Although Digi-Tiles is a very basic game, it’s actually the best of this SCE bunch as the gameplay is pretty absorbing – you really do have to think to work out the equations, so you feel like your brain’s getting a bit of a workout. Even so, you’d still get better value for money buying Telegraph Sudoku and Kakuro.

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