Finger Connection (PlayStation Minis) Review – Touch Screen

I’d like to say, that Finger Connection is hardly a videogame at all. In fact, it is a random instruction generator and some circles, and nothing more. You see, it’s a 2 player version twister on your PSP’s screen, but before you get all excited with the thought that Sony secretly had a touch screen put on your PSP without you knowing, let me clarify, there is no finger recognition. The game expects the players to put their fingers on the, very easy to stain, screen of their PSP, which will be displaying several rows of coloured dots. The game instructs you to place specific fingers on a color, once you do, you are expected to push any button on the PSP indicating that you have done as instructed, then a randomizer goes off, and it is player 2’s turn to put the finger it says on the colour it says, and so on. Judgment is left to the players to decide who wins, and that’s it.

The problem with making a game like this is there’s nothing the developer can do to enhance the experience by much, all the game is, is an idea, and frankly, it’s a very bad idea. That the developers expect people to pay for this is nothing short of amusing, seeing as how four-year-olds could easily develop a finger twister game much like this with a couple of pieces of paper, and some colored markers, and it wouldn’t require you to defile your screen.

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