Legend of Kunoichi (PlayStation Minis) Review– Whack-a-Ninja

Four new minis this week from SCE. I actually expected a lot more from Sony’s first in-house foray into minis, especially as they all come from Japan Studio. Possibly if Sony had packaged all the games together and charged the same price as they’re charging for each individual game ($2.99) for the whole lot, they might just have been worth the money, but as it is they’re very overpriced for what they all, namely minuscule, tiny, flea-bite-sized crumbs of gameplay.

Legend of Kunoichi is possibly the most fun of the four games, being like a ninja ‘whack-a-mole’, featuring a female ninja called Mai, and her trusty ninja hammer.

Basically, when a ninja pops out of their little hole, you press the corresponding button to throw the ninja hammer at them. The ninjas are all color-coded depending on what robes they’re wearing. If you lob the hammer at the pink ninja he’ll throw it right back at you and you’ll suffer a penalty, so he’s the only one you shouldn’t throw anything at.

Two icons track the ninjas and Mai’s progress along the bottom of the screen. Should the ninjas “catch up” with shogun Mai before she reaches the end, it’s game over.

Legend of Kunoichi is certainly mildly diverting and fun to play for a few minutes at a time, and I’ll probably keep it on my PSP, but it’s still too expensive at $2.99 seeing as the total duration of the game is about 30 seconds.

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