Music Quiz (PlayStation Minis) Review – Not Noteworthy

This is actually a fairly hefty sized Mini, at 30 megabytes, I guess because the gameplay is sound based, and thus needs sound samples. As the name implies, it’s a quiz.  You are presented with two sounds and asked a question about them. You then pick which sound answers the question.

The questions range from the fairly simple, for instance,  which sound is a Spanish guitar; to the very specific, which note played is a B; to the unbelievable, as in the screenshot, asking which chord doesn’t have a particular note.  One question was a little annoying, it asked which was the Playstation 3 startup sound. Not having a PS3, I didn’t know it.

So basically, the appeal of this Mini really depends on how musically inclined you are. For those that want to test their ear, this is a real challenge. I am not at all musical, despite two years of band in junior high school, I cannot read music nor can I tell what a note is just by hearing it. Still, I found it enjoyable enough, if quite difficult.  I’m not sure how many total questions there are, I noticed some repetitions on my second time through, but not too many.

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