One Two Boat Racing (PlayStation Minis) Review – Count This Out

Now this game might be able to entertain you for ten minutes or so. As you no doubt have deduced it’s a racing game, possibly involving boats, and you were quite right. This game is meant for only two players, one player paddles up and down with up and down on the directional pad, the other uses the triangle and cross (or “x”) buttons. The players are meant to paddle in sync with each other to achieve maximum speed, while they try to stay ahead of another boat. There are 3 “tracks” in total that are played one after another.

With each track you pass, obstacles, such as rocks or algae, will appear more frequently, and you are expected to avoid them, and with a partner, this is almost impossible since you aren’t the same person. It’s almost impossible not to play it by yourself, and you’ll never be as good with a partner as you will by yourself, since it’s so easy to communicate with yourself. Even when you are by yourself you’ll hit rocks when they appear in front of you because it’s impossible to go fast and be ready to turn, so how is one expected to avoid rocks with a partner when you can’t instantaneously communicate, telepathically? I found this game more frustrating with a partner than I did, fun, and with only 3 levels it doesn’t feel like there’s enough game to keep the players entertained.

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