Pile Up Bakery (PlayStation Minis) Review – Tasteless

This is the simplest game yet in Sony’s own bunch of Minis (and that’s saying something). You just stack desserts on top of each other and see how high a pile you can make. There are two complications. First, the desserts are dropped from a moving hopper, so you have to time it exactly to have it fall where you want.  Secondly, the desserts are well, shaped like desserts. Slices of cakes, pastries, to smaller things that I’m not sure what are exactly.

So they don’t stack all that well, though better than you would think by their shape, sometimes. It almost seems random. You have no control or knowledge of what sort of piece is coming next, so there really isn’t much strategy. Just pile on much as possible and hope it sticks as near as I can tell.

It’s a timed game, you only have a couple of minutes to make your pile as tall as possible. You can play a single player (as shown), but there don’t seem many points to it. Though I must confess, there doesn’t seem too much point playing it with another player either, though at least then you would have a winner by seeing how made the largest stack.

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