Pinball Duel (PlayStation Minis) Review – Bounce Out of This

We’ve seen quite a number of pinball games for the PSP, some Minis, some regular PSN titles, some even on UMD. This is a little different, as mentioned, it’s meant for two players, one at each end of the PSP. So there are two sets of flippers, one at each end of the screen.

You get four different tables. All are very basic, because only half the PSP’s screen is used for each player’s table. There’s a couple of bumpers and well, that’s about it. It pretty much plays just like regular pinball, except you and your opponent each have one ball. This is the tricky part, keeping the eye on your ball, not your opponent’s. They are different colors, but at the same time, the movement of the balls isn’t really that smooth, it’s sort of jerky, and I found it hard to follow.

Some work went into it, you have four tables at least, and it’s sort of fun, but unless you really really want to play pinball at the same time with another person, there are much better options available – for a $1 more, get one of the Pinball Heroes Tables from SCEA.

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