Quiz Animania (PlayStation Minis) Review

Quiz Animania is well yes you probably guessed it a quiz about animals, where you are shown a picture of an animal’s horn, ear, or tail and have to guess from a choice of four animals. Occasionally you are shown a blurred-out picture or a full picture and have to guess from that. The game is actually quite fun for a while if a little easy but I feel the game is aimed more towards young children. Again this game can be played one or two players while one player mode you are just asked a series of questions which in the end resulting in a grade much like Busy Sweets Factory and Love Cupid, and in two-player mode, you are pitted head to head one player using the D-pad to answer the questions and the other the triangle, square, circle and X buttons. The player who gets the highest score wins.

There a quite a few questions in the game so you shouldn’t come across the same questions too often. A good game for kids and animal lovers and would make a great travel game but for the rest of us who just are not really into animals, it may seem a little boring and a waste of money.

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