Ramen Heaven (PlayStation Minis) Review – Unsatisfying

I am not going to lie, I don’t eat Ramen, so I can say have no bias here. Ramen Heaven, is, strange to say the least, it kind of feels like a longer version of one of those ridiculous mini-games you would find in Wario Ware. You can play a one-player or two-player game, which is welcome for someone who would feel embarrassed asking someone to play this ridiculous game with him. The player must move their chopsticks around the bowl, grabbing bubbles of oil and placing them on your spoon; once you get enough on your spoon you will eat it, raising your satisfaction meter. If two bubbles of oil come in contact with each other, they will combine to make a bigger bubble. There are also various items in your bowl that when the oil bubbles come in contact with, they will be reduced into several small bubbles, so it is best to move these items out of your way. There is also layou, which you must avoid putting on your spoon or else it will decrease your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is decreased over time, and when it reaches zero you lose, so you better get lots of oil!

In two-player mode, each player has a spoon, and whoever doesn’t have their satisfaction reaches zero first wins. The gameplay can actually get pretty intense and challenging, it can actually be fun once you get used to it, despite how strange a game it is. It is probably the best of this bunch, it’s pretty original, kind of funny, and most importantly, it can get playable once you get into it.

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