Smashbreak Review – BreakQuest it Ain’t!

This game actually makes my brain hurt, and not in a good way! It’s a variation on the familiar brick-breaking theme, but with a twist in that there are two paddles, one on either side of the screen, and you control them both. The blocks come in four different colors: green, blue, light blue, and white and all have different functions, with green increasing the length of the paddles, for example.

All that sounds perfectly reasonable, the only problem is that the controls are far from fluid. You have to press L to move the left bar up, R to move the right bar up, the bottom directional button to move the left bar down and X to move the right bar down. If you think that sounds like a bit of a pain to get to grips with, you’d be right!

There are two gameplay modes: Trial and VS. In Trial you have to break down the pile of blocks in the middle of the screen. I found it hard just getting beyond the first 30 seconds, it’s so difficult trying to concentrate on both sides of the screen at once, and just not entertaining enough to make you want to keep trying. VS mode is a bit like Pong and a bit easier to play than Trial, but not much. Next!

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