Sudoko PlayStation Minis Review — They Nailed It

This review written by Chris originally appeared on back on October 5, 2009.

Sudoku is the numbers puzzle that millions of people play every day. It’s one of those games that I had to fight my wife for in order to get this review done. I’m pleased to announce this version has everything a Sudoku fan could ever want and all for only $4.99.

The two game modes included are enough to keep even the most hardcore Sudoku enthusiate busy with nearly limitless games. The main mode allows you to play a random game set to the difficulty of your choosing. Options, options, options, are the way the game works. Filling up the nine by nine grid can be a bit to take in all at once, but EA does a great job at easing you into the game. Pressing triangle will automatically fill in one of the empty spaces for you and it even allows you to do this for the whole puzzle.

Newspaper mode lets you put in a puzzle from your newspaper or even just create your own puzzles. If you or anyone else you know were to get stumped with a puzzle the game can solve it for you. No need to wait for the following day to get the answers anymore.

Using triangle will take points away from your overall score. Sudoku keeps track of all your stats in every difficulty level and you can three different profiles in the game. When you do a Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper the plan is usually to use a pencil before going on to use pen and writing your answer final. This game allows you to use a ‘pencil’ and have multiple numbers in the same box before narrowing it down to the right number.

Music was handled really well in this game in multiple ways. The music that comes with the game is very Zen like and puts you at ease while sitting down and playing the game. If that isn’t enough for you, the game supports custom soundtracks with music you have on the system.

EA’s Sudoku does a great job at really nailing what people expect out of a Sudoku game. A lot of different options in only two game modes are pulled off really well. Doing puzzles on the game without destroying all those trees is always a good thing. Fans of Sudoku will get a lot out of the game and it’s easy to get into even if you have never heard of it.

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