Tonzurakko (PlayStation Minis) Review – Otter Be Better!

This is another game that probably works best with two players, although it will also work as a single-player game if you press all the buttons yourself. Use the directional buttons to guide the swimming sea otter around obstacles, press L to dive to avoid rocks and other debris that you can’t swim around, press O to accelerate and X to throw shellfish at the killer whale that’s snapping away on your tail. You can also build up your stamina gauge by swimming over the shellfish. That’s pretty much all there is to it, I’m afraid. It’s mildly diverting in a Frogger sort of way, and the graphics are bright and fun, especially the giant killer whale that pops up and tries to chomp chunks out of the sea otter, but once you’ve played all the courses you’re not likely to want to keep playing it over and over, so once again, at the risk of getting boring, not much bang for your two bucks.

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