VT Tennis (PlayStation Minis) Review – Serving Aces or a Fault?

I’m going to be honest, tennis has never really interested me. The thought of watching two to four people hitting a small yellow ball back and forth to each other seemed a little boring, and the scoring system just seems a little odd. So, ashamed as I am to admit it, that is the main reason I have never bought nor played a tennis game (except for a smash court tennis demo on the ps1 back in the day) until now.  What an introduction to tennis games, VT Tennis is amazing!

When starting VT Tennis you have the choice of three modes: Quick Match, Career Mode and Tennis school. Tennis school is basically a training mode which teaches you different types of swings and techniques; which is very handy for first time tennis players.

Quick match is pick up and play where you have the choice of 17 different courts from around the world and 34 different characters (17 male and 17 female), you also have the choice of using your character from career mode. Before choosing your court and player you have the choice of three difficulty levels, which are easy, average, and hard. Once chosen you can pick which type of match you want to play either singles or doubles. While having 34 different players to choose from in quick play mode there is absolutely no way of telling what each character’s strengths and weaknesses are. Even while playing there is no noticeable difference between each player, which renders the whole point of having multiple different characters completely pointless.

Career mode is as you would expect, your aim is to go from an unknown tennis player to working your way up to becoming a rank 1 tennis star. When starting career mode you first have to create a player, be it male or female. You are given a fair amount of different tops, bottoms, and even heads to choose from. Unfortunately, you are unable to rotate nor zoom in or out which makes creating a player that much harder as you can’t get a good look at the heads. After creating a player you then have the choice of buying new equipment, upgrading skills, and playing a tournament. For each tournament you win, you are awarded cash and credits to spend in the store for new equipment, upgrading your player’s ability, or even a doubles partner for doubles tournaments. I would have liked the equipment that you purchase to have given some sort of attribute bonus much like the one found in EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. There are also challenges (such as win a set without conceding a point) in each match giving you the opportunity to win prizes such as new items.

There is the occasional problem with the gameplay such as your player will not swing for the ball when asked to instead he/she just continues running which can be extremely frustrating, other than that the graphics are amazing. You will find that you will end up spending hours unlocking new courts, clothing, and trophies on this most addictive game. For fans of tennis, this game is a must-have, even if you are not a fan of tennis VT Tennis is definitely worth taking a look at.

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